Incredibly amazing action sequences

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Incredibly amazing action sequences

Actually, most of the film is just above average, and the score would be like 7/10. However, the action sequences between Minute 100 and Minute 120 are incredibly brutal, realistic, bloody, traumatizing and unbearable, and are among the finest action scenes I've ever seen. Thus, I would give the film a 8.5/10 overall rating.

This brilliant Sci-Fi thriller, "Empire Strikes Back", simply showcases why Star Wars has been the most influential film franchise for the last forty years. It is just impeccably constructed. The production design, set pieces, action sequences, visual effects, sound editing and music score are among the best of all time. The editing, story and performances are also fascinating, and keeps the breath of the audiences all the time. For this particular installment full of imagination, only the sky is the limit.

Incredibly amazing action sequences。The music score, story, and editing of this film A New Hope is among the best I've ever seen, even as of today, and you can hardly find a film better in these aspects. The sound editing is also truly world-class. The visual effects and action sequences may be out of date from the point of view of present, but definitely groundbreaking at the time of release.

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